Built to Enhance the Small-Group Experience... Not Replace It

Study Group

Evangelization.com has been consolidated into the new streamlined and feature rich AscensionPress.com.

If you have an account and previously ran studies using Evangelization.com, the following information is a quick glance at some of the new features on AscensionPress.com.

  • Free Ascension Account

    If you had an Evangelization.com account, we have automatically created your new Free Ascension Account.

    • The new Free Ascension Account lets a group form and receive digital access to any Ascension study program without having to purchase DVDs.
    • Start a study with as few as four paid registrations (workbooks included).
    • Registration for leaders and participants is the cost of a workbook but includes 24/7 access to the video portion of the study, online discussion forums, supplemental free downloads, as well as the study workbook.
  • Preview Any Study

    With the Free Ascension Account you can now preview one full session for each of our 38 study programs.

  • Your Dashboard

    Now when you sign in you will be brought to your dashboard where you can control and access every aspect of your study experience.

Study Group

We believe that the richest conversion most often comes through community.

Registering your group has never been easier!

Choose the option that best fits your group.

  • Online Bulk Registration

    Order all of your study workbooks in bulk and then distribute to your participants. They will receive an invite code to redeem when they register online and will gain access to the streaming video, discussion forums, and supplemental downloads.

  • Online Individual Registration

    Set up your study online and send an invitation link for participants to join the study and purchase a registration on their own. Registration includes access to the streaming video, discussion forums, and supplemental downloads. The workbook will be sent directly to their home address.

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